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Sales Meetings, Web Conferences, Classrooms, Info-Centers, Help Desks,

An 'info-Chat' center is the integration of an information database response program, an image display, within a customized chat room, to form an intelligent web conferencing or information facility.

Skpe is the voice program of choice that we and our clients will use to take your calls. It is free internet telephony chosen by 54 million users worldwide

1. SALES MEETINGS ... together with meeting transcripts

* With a common Meeting Interface'. Just enable Java to get started. Fully featured, including Weekly Reports and PC voice call.

Role play yourself, as both Salesperson and Sales Manager. For more detailed information? Enquire here

2. STUDENTS CLASSES... complete with 'Tests' and "Answers'

* With 'Tutor' and 'Student' interfaces. English tuition is a booming industry in many countries. This 'Student Classroom' is a timely innovation. Test it now.

* Teachers will interact with students. Either in the open classroom or privately. Need more information? Enquire here

3. INFORMATION CENTERS... as regional 'Information Kiosks'

* The centers have 'Guide' and 'Visitor' interfaces. With tourism as a booming industry in many countries, this 'info-Center' is a timely innovation.

* Extensive scrolling links for 'Visitor' information. Configureable to any specification. Enquire here

4. HELP DESKS....... with every help feature you may want

* Two separate interfaces for maximum effect. One for the 'Enquirer', and the other for the Help Desk 'Attendant'.

* Extensive scrolling links. ...Enquire here

Get 'em talking...when they're talking they're they're not walking

Put the Skype Me button on your website and give your visitors free calls, from anywhere. dallas nursing license defense attorney Better than that we will also run your Skype Me icon on our site. For more detailed information about powering-up your web site... Enquire here

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